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Welcome to the green blog written by the green fork!

What is our brand all about?

To make delicious and healthy ready to heat meals ...

A healthy ready to heat meal? Yes, thats possible! Mainly valuable organic vegetables, regional superfood and high-protein ingredients. Without everything that does not have to be added, such as sugar, gluten or lactose. Made in Austria and delivered to you largely CO2-neutral. All you have to do: heat your dish and enjoy it without compromise.


What's the blog all about?

Our blog is about everything that is important to us:

  • Organic - from A to Z
  • Sustainability - and not just related to food
  • Free from - we do it without sugar, lactose and gluten
  • Superfood - it doesn't always have to be chia seeds and co. In Austria, we do have great ingredients as well, and - of course - recipes that we would love to present to you in our blog


What do we want to achieve here?

We want to educate people about our heart issues and stimulate thoughts. But we don't want to prescribe or instruct - everyone should and must have his or her own opinion and may of course represent his / her point of view.

In the best case, we not only encourage a discussion on our platform but also at your home at the dinner table. And we are most satisfied, when we can learn something new ourselves.

Do you have any questions, requests or suggestions? Bring it on - we look forward to your input!



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