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the green fork is gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free

100% gluten free, without any lactose, sugar or anything else that doesn't belong in home-cooked food. Our grandmother would have never used palm oil. And definitely no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. That's exactly why we don't use it! Quality ingredients in organic quality and a delicious recipe. Nothing else! This is our promise to you.


Why is it gluten-free?

Glutenfrei, Laktosefrei und Zuckerfrei. The green fork geht neue Wege und bietet gesunde Fertiggerichte für die Tiefkühltruhe.

Even if you may not be allergic to wheat yourself, have no gluten sensitivity, or have celiac disease (the worst form of gluten intolerance): you have probably had someone with an intolerance at the table. 

Even if there is a trend towards a gluten-free diet or renouncing lactose: for many it is essential to have ready to heat meals without gluten or lactose.

And as far as sugar is concerned, we can hardly save ourselves from the sugar mountains in processed foods. That is why we do it without!

With the green fork you save yourself studying the list of ingredients. We only use ingredients that makes sense.

An overview: What is not in there

  • gluten.
  • lactose.
  • sugar. To be honest: if we need sweetness to round off a recipe, we use a little coconut blossom syrup. Nothing else.
  • Palm oil is an absolute taboo.
  • Everything that is artificial: synthetic colors, preservatives or flavorings.

Because it just makes more sense

Biologische Lebensmittel sind die Grundlage für die Qualität unserer gesunden Fertiggerichte.

100% organic

We love organic food! You too? Then we fit well together.
All of our products are awarded with the EU-ORGANIC quality seal (AT-BIO-301). What does the seal stand for and where do our ingredients come from? We'll tell you exactly.

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Unsere gesunden Fertiggerichte für die Tiefkühltruhe sind absolut frei von Gluten, Laktose und Zucker. Künstliche Inhaltsstoffe, Aromen und Palmöl sind tabu für uns.

Free from

100% gluten free, lactose free and sugar free! You don't have to study our ingredients lists before you decide. With us you eat without artificial ingredients. Instead, with lots of vegetables and few carbohydrates.

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Nachhaltigkeit ist bei der Produktion unserer gesunden Fertiggerichte entscheidend für uns. Wir verarbeiten die Bio-Zutaten so ressourcenschonend wie möglich und liefern diese CO2-neutral in 100% kompostierbaren Schalen zu dir.


We live for sustainability. And we are not just saying so! Our products are served in 100% compostable bowls. We do also test deliverying our meals in e-trucks in urban areas. CO2 neutral in 2050? We say now!

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Gesunde und schmackhafte Fertiggerichte in BIO-Qualität aus Österreich.


Delicious food is possible even without cooking with the green fork.
The latest Shock Freeze Technology makes it possible. This does not only preserve all the vitamins and minerals, it also locks in all the taste of our dishes.

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Wir geben österreichischem Superfood den Vortritt. Buchweizen, Linsen und Spinat spielen die Hauptrolle in unseren kreativen Rezepturen.


Superfood from Austria makes our ready to heat meals even better. Whatever makes sense comes in: Buckwheat, lentils, ancient grains or proteins in the form of peas - with us there is simply more in it for your health.

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4 gesunde Hauptgerichte und 4 kreative Beilagen ergeben 16 köstliche Gerichte.

Mix & Match

Tastes are different. Often everyone at the table likes something different. That is why each of our main dishes goes perfectly with any of our side dishes. That makes 16 delicious variations. This creates more flexibility for you and your family.

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